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Half Dot Art Studio, is the leading art studio in the KWCG region, providing a diverse range of professional art courses designed for individuals of all ages. Alongside this, the studio is renowned for its expertise in VI advertising design, art photography services, and organizes art-inspired birthday parties.


Little Artist Birthday Party

The "Little Artist Birthday Party" is a perfect blend of fun and art, ensuring that every child has a memorable and enriching experience. So come and join us as we celebrate your child's special day in a truly creative and inspiring way!

- Engaging arts and crafts session: children will participate in a creative crafts workshop guided by professional instructors, allowing each child to bring home their own unique masterpiece.

- Diverse range of themes: Participants can choose from a variety of exciting themes such as acrylic painting, facial painting, cup painting, or handmade clay sculpture, ensuring a fun and personalized experience for each child.

- Showcase of artistic talent: There will be an art display showcasing the creations of each young artist at the conclusion of the party, providing an opportunity for everyone to admire and celebrate the joy of creativity together.

Basic Package $200 ->  NOW $180 


Theme Options:
**Painting:** Acrylic Painting: 1. Cup/Plate Painting      2.  Face Painting      3. Clothing Painting     4. Fan Painting

**Crafts:** Clay Sculpting: 5. Handmade Pom-Poms

Duration:2 hours(Additional Time: The first 15 minutes over the 2-hour duration are free. After that, it’s $50 per hour)

Cleaning Deposit:
$200 deposit is required. It will be fully refunded after the party if no significant damage occurs.

Professional Photography:
Add professional photography for $100 for 2 hours, including all photos taken.

Photo Printing Service:
Photo printing is available for $5 per print or $10 for three prints.

Includes up to 6 children. Each additional child is $25.

Balloon/Cake Add-on (Optional)
cake is made with fresh whipping cream




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